Happy New Year!

Another calendar tossed in the trash means only one thing…New Beginnings!  What will 2009 hold?  Well, according to last year’s election, we’re in for some “Change.”  Hopefully, that change benefits all of us.  I wish you all health and prosperity in the ninth year of this millenium.Sorry, folks.  I’m not one for “Resolutions.”  This is one tradition I have never been able to embrace.  It has nothing to do with disappointing myself if I don’t succeed; rather, I consistently accept new challenges year-round, so the date January 1st really is nothing more than a turn of the page.  I just don’t understand the rationale behind making a ceremony out of improving my life or the world around me.

January just seems to be a bad time to start anything, anyway.  The gyms are packed with well-meaning band-waggoners reciting their annual mantra: “This will be the year…”  I have no addictions, so I have no use for the 12-step programs that are popular at the beginning of every year, though I do encourage those of you struggling with addiction to invite your friends and family to support you in your attempt to overcome it.

Like most people, I, too, have concerns about personal health and prosperity.  I continue to gain and lose the same ten pounds annually.  My intent is to break that cycle and shed an additional ten before I renew my headshot.  Although my current “figure” is ideal for character roles, I feel I stand a greater chance at other roles with a slimmer (but not scrawny) version of my current self.

I also expect to return to the stage after last year’s hiatus.  Aside from directing interactive comedies and performing educational shows at area schools, my participation in the theatre in 2008 was mostly as a spectator.  I plan on changing that in 2009, and I will continue to pursue more film and television opportunities in the region.

I will also take a more active role seeking opportunities to perform on film.  The film and television industry is not immune to current economic pressures; however, living in an area where various resources are less expensive may persuade some productions to choose the Southeast United States this coming year.  Regardless, I must take necessary measures (education, fitness, marketing) to remain competitive.

As you may have determined from several personal photos on my site (as well as the clip-art at the top of my home page), I also have a strong attachment to the aviation world.  If my personal budget continues as planned, I should be able to afford additional flight training this year.  Although I have no immediate use for them, I would like to append my pilot certificate with at least one rating (specialty) this year, and am considering seaplane, tailwheel and glider.

Of course, the house still has two bedrooms, a living room, bathroom and kitchen in dire need of fresh paint.  I look up at the dreadful “popcorn” ceiling and try to convince myself that it’s “not that ugly.”  Anticipating the prospect of balancing myself on a 16-foot ladder to scrape that crud (and subsequently priming and painting overhead) is not pleasant, but…it has to be done.

That should keep me rather busy for the next twelve months (or so).  Stay tuned, and keep in touch!

Scott J. Smith

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