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So, I missed the February entry entirely. Suffice it to say, I have been rather busy, and taking some time to jot down my thoughts usually was superceded by other things, which you can now read in the treacherously overdue posting that now appears prior to this one.  I almost let March get away from me, too.  If you can only take Scott in small doses, and have already sated yourself with the February note, come back in a few days – this March entry will still be here!

Something tells me, I should take up the game of golf…again.  This used to be a past-time I looked forward to spending with my dad, grandfather and sometimes uncle.  I even tried out for the high school golf team one year.  While my skill was not competition-level (directly proportional to the amount of time spent practicing, I am sure), I have been told my swing is very good, technically-speaking.  Lately, I have been called on several auditions asking me to demonstrate that swing.

On the first, I asked to borrow my dad’s clubs for the audition.  The swing still felt natural, and the movement fluid.  My intention was to get to Orlando an hour or so early, so I could get to the driving range, to fine-tune the delivery.  The rain…came down…in sheets!  It took me over half an hour to get through the I-95/I-295 interchange in Jacksonville, and I still had almost two hours to go (if the highway was dry, that is).  Although I wasn’t late to the audition, I didn’t have time to practice my drive, except outside the country club where the audition was being held.

The next golf audition came a couple weeks later.  Since this started looking like a trend, I purchased some equipment…not a full set (yet), but enough to get proficient on my own time.  A last-minute self-tape audition came in the day I was planning on going out to the range, so again, I planned on arriving at the audition at least an hour beforehand to work on my swing.  This time, there was not a cloud in the sky, but a traffic accident in the opposite direction on I-4 affected my lanes of traffic, and again, I went into the audition with a good…but not great swing.

The third time, I finally had a chance to get to the driving range.  I spent some time just getting back into the swing of things (take that pun, for what it’s worth!), then taped my drive and fairway iron shots from various angles.  I have to admit, I am quite pleased with where the swing is right now.  It felt good to get back on the range.  I noticed that, while the distance and direction were consistent throughout the session, my accuracy was off by the same amount on every shot, though you couldn’t tell on the video.  I had my swing analyzed, and am currently applying corrections to nail that next audition.  Thanks, Dad!

Also, this month saw our nephew’s 2nd birthday.  We had a huge bash at a nearby park with a gaggle of other two-year-olds.  It was a blast.  We explored the hiking trails with the dogs, and enjoyed some fantastic barbecue and cookie-CAKE!  Trey was the perfect guest-of-honor, and had a treasure-trove for his daddy to load into the van for the trip home.

 http://cdn.livestream.com/grid/LSPlayer.swf?channel=orlandoshakes&clip=flv_cec5c315-384f-42b6-9c87-5bc6a9c6978f&autoPlay=false The Friday before Valentine’s Day, the Orlando Shakespeare Theatre hosted their First Annual Sonnet-a-Thon: All 154 Sonnets read by actors, volunteers and local celebrities.  It was cold and rainy that day, so most of the audience consisted of the participants, but we all had a fantastic time.  Occasionally, some walkers-by would stop and take in the action.  Too bad it wasn’t sunny and warm.  Mine was Sonnett 129, from the “Dark Lady” series.  The topic was “Lust:” don’t read anything into that!

The following weekend, Heinz Casting sponsored the Florida Addy Awards at the Orlando Science Center.  This was really cool — I got to work my “interactive theater” chops with some other talented improvisers!  We were mad scientists who were trying to start our own “Mad Men“-type advertising agency.  We greeted and networked with the attendees, and invited them to our “showcase” at a cocktail reception prior to the awards ceremony.  This was a blast, and the night seemed to fly by.

Layla and I also had lunch with the Jacksonville Roadster club for the first time in a long time.  Their monthly events always seemed to fall on a date when we had something else going on (go figure!).  In February, they met at Clark’s Fish Camp, a wonderful local seafood establishment, not far from our home — we couldn’t pass this one up.  There wasn’t a scheduled ride for this event…just some time to relax and chat with each other…though some folks had a scenic trip on the way to Clark’s.  For us, it was just a couple miles of top-down bliss!

Rita Manyette and I teamed up again for a Saint Augustine Alligator Farm commercial.  She played my wife and we had two pre-teen “children.”  These young actors were great.  We had a wonderful time taking in the sights…er, um, I mean working.  We checked out “Maximo,” the 15-foot Saltwater Crocodile, who has a nearly 10-foot vertical leap.  No joke — we thought he was going to eat the camera overhead!  Wait until you see the ad.

We finished the month with a screening of Daniel’s Lot in Altamonte Springs.  Everyone who participated on the film was invited to the AMC Theatres there, where we attended a brief church service, got our drink and popcorn, and enjoyed the latest offering from Faith and Power Pictures.  It was great to see the whole story of Daniel Carr and the challenges he faced come to life on the big screen.  Congratulations, everybody, especially De and Sue Miller.  Be proud!

Scott J. Smith


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